A Christmas Carol Stave 4 Revision Workbook


  • A workbook cover page with student name, lesson, and teacher name (black/white, optional use)
  • 3 pages of reading comprehension, inference, analysis and summary tasks on Stave 4
  • A 1 page quiz on Stave 4
  • A creative character activity 1 page
  • 4 answer pages for the workbook activities


If you are studying Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol for GCSE English Literature then this detailed student workbook on Stave 4 (Chapter 4) will help you read and understand the novel.

It will guide you through creating notes on Dickens’ Christmas Carol. The workbook activities include comprehension, information retrieval, inference, close reading, and analysis. Also included is an exploration of literary techniques, quiz questions, and creative tasks.

This workbook is the perfect accompaniment to in-class study of the novel and would make a perfect homework or revision book.

If you are looking for a practical revision booklet for A Christmas Carol, then this workbook will take you through Stave 4 step-by-step checking your knowledge and understanding of the novel. You will make notes on each part of the chapter for the characters, themes, ideas, and key quotations.

The answer key included will provide valuable support to anyone supporting or helping a student study A Christmas Carol for English Literature GCSE.

This workbook can be used for any GCSE English Literature exam board. The workbook focuses on understanding the novel, language and techniques, and ideas.


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