November Writing Prompts


  • 30 dated writing prompts for November
  • A mixture of descriptive and narrative prompts
  • Some ‘fun’ celebration days included as well as national celebration days


This writing calendar for November is packed full of seasonal writing prompts. Each day in November is given a creative writing prompt, some are narrative, descriptive, diary-based, non-fiction, and persuasive. Celebration days, national days, and fun days are all included.

Inspire writing every day in November with this easy to use, no prep, print and go resource!

Included in this set is:

  • a two-page writing calendar for November
  • provided in both colour and black/white

This resource is 4 pages in total.

These writing prompts would be perfect for students in Year 7 – 9, although with some additional support from the teacher may be suitable for students in Year 5 – 6. If you are teaching GCSE English Language then these worksheets would make a fantastic homework task, revision activity, or to supplement your teaching of narrative and descriptive writing.

What are the benefits of this teaching resource? Here are just a few:

  1. Encourage students to write every in November
  2. Use a variety of narrative, descriptive, journal, and dialogue prompts to develop different styles of writing
  3. Use this two page spread like a choice board to give your students different writing options
  4. Use as a homework / supply lesson worksheet
  5. Use to improve your own creative writing as a teacher

All resources have UK/British spelling and are designed to be printed on A4 paper.


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