Summer Writing Prompts


Included in this resource set:

  • A set of 20 descriptive writing worksheets for summer (PDF file)
  • The same 20 writing prompts in a locked PowerPoint file
  • 3 pages of printable homework / quick write activities
  • These resources have UK/British spelling and are designed for printing on A4 paper.


Help your students develop their descriptive writing this summer with this set of seasonal writing prompts. Each set includes a series of structured prompts including writing with colour, focusing on perspective in writing, descriptive minute details. There are also slow writing and structured writing prompts.  Every prompt includes gorgeous visuals to help inspire your class.

Use this set in your classroom:
1) As part of your usual writing instruction
2) For homework tasks, starters, or for early finishers
3) Include in a choice or stations activity
4) Leave for a supply or substitute teacher

These writing prompts would be perfect for students in Year 7 – 9, although with some additional support from the teacher may be suitable for students in Year 5 – 6. If you are teaching GCSE English Language then these worksheets would make a fantastic homework task, revision activity, or to supplement your teaching of narrative and descriptive writing.

The writing prompts are divided into 6 sections, each section has 5 different writing prompts:

  1. Writing atmosphere – which focuses on creating setting and atmosphere.
  2. Place and perspective – which focuses on foregrounding and backgrounding in writing.
  3. Write in detail – looks at writing each tiny element on an object to create detailed descriptions.
  4. Structured Writing – where students are challenged to use a variety of details in each sentence.
  5. Writing in colour – focus on writing depth and shades of colour in description

Included in this digital download are:
★ One zip file containing 2 files: one semi-editable PowerPoint projector version of the writing prompts and one PDF worksheet version of the writing prompts
★ So you can save on copying costs by using the projector version in your classroom AND
★ Use the worksheets for group work, homework, intervention, cover work and much, much more!
★ Although the worksheets are in colour, they print and copy beautifully in black and white (and you can use the colour projector version to help students see the details!)

What are the benefits of this teaching resource? Here are just a few:

  1. Every writing task has several steps to help students think and plan before writing.
  2. Each task focuses on a key element of description.
  3. Students practise descriptive writing skills without it feeling dry or boring.
  4. Helps improve technical writing skills as well as brings more creative to lessons!

All resources have UK/British spelling and are designed to be printed on A4 paper.


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