Autumn Descriptive Writing Prompts

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The perfect solution for back to school! These gorgeous writing prompts will help kick-start your writing lessons this Autumn. Included in this set are 20 pages of writing activities designed especially to inspire great writing during the autumn season. Help your students develop rich description using the different strategies included. What's more, this pack includes two files: one PDF file containing all the descriptive writing prompts as worksheets. The other file is a semi-editable* projector version of the writing prompts (to save copying costs!).

This set of writing prompts is perfect to accompany your creative writing instruction. Use these sheets in your classroom during lessons, as homework, for extension tasks, or as starter. They would also work really well for supply lessons.

Suitable for ages:

Year 5 - 8 with support and guidance from a teacher

Year 8 - 11 as an excellent preparation for English Language GCSE

Included in this set:

  • 3 choice (self-selection) task sheets which would be perfect for homework
  • 2 writing tasks focussed on using colour and writing with colour vocabulary
  • 3 writing tasks which explore how to describe atmosphere effectively
  • 3 perspective writing tasks where students focus on foreground and background writing
  • 4 writing in detail tasks that enable students to create scientific, observational description
  • 4 structured description writing tasks where the structure each sentence is given
  • a free writing description task

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