Christmas Carol Chapter 3 Workbook

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If you are studying Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol then this detailed student workbook on Stave 3 (Chapter 3) will help you read and understand the novel. With this workbook, students will create notes on Dickens’ Christmas Carol. The workbook activities include comprehension, information retrieval, inference, close reading, and analysis. This workbook is the perfect way to support studying for English Literature GCSE.

Included in this product:

• A workbook cover page with student name, lesson, and teacher name (black/white, optional use)

• 5 pages of reading comprehension, inference, analysis and summary tasks

• A 1 page quiz on Stave 3

• A flap book activity on the Second Spirit and Tiny Tim (1 page)

• 6 answer pages for the workbook activities

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