Christmas Carol Chapter 4 workbook

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This workbook is designed to help students read, understand, and analyse Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol. Included is a 4-page student workbook for Stave 4 (Chapter 4) of the novel A Christmas Carol. It will help students create notes on all the key events and ideas in the novel. The activities include comprehension, revision questions, inference, close reading, and analysis of language and structure. Also included is are tasks that help students explore literary techniques, quiz questions to answer, and creative tasks to complete.

This student workbook would be perfect for any student studying A Christmas Carol for English Literature GCSE and can be used to accompany classwork and homework. It is suitable for any examination board. To help support teachers and students I have also included an answer section.

Included in this resource:

• A workbook cover page with student name, period, and teacher name (black/white, optional use)

• 3 pages of reading comprehension, inference, analysis and summary tasks

• A 1 page quiz on Stave 4

• A creative character activity on the Third Spirit and the idea of poverty (1 page)

• 4 answer pages for the workbook activities and quiz

Take a look and see what buyers have said about my literature resources:

♥ “I'm excited to use this with my 6th grade Honors English students.” February 12, 2017

♥ “Great background information” January 23, 2017

♥ “My students loved this. Thanks!” January 16, 2017

♥ “Very well done. Great intro activity for all level classes.” January 11, 2017

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