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Teaching Action Scenes in Creative Writing

It was a real joy this summer to participate in Team English National Conference Online. My recorded session is available for you to watch for free here – on YouTube. Below you can download my slides – if that would be useful.

My session covered:

Action? Drama? Blood? Violence? Do your students want to write these stories? Do you never want to mark another mediocre action story?

If your answer is yes, then this free CPD training is for you! If you know students who want to write action sequences, fight scenes, and even gruesome murders, then now is the time to teach them to do it well.

This session will help you with some clear and practical strategies to use in your classroom.

This free creative writing CPD includes:

– my favourite Creative Writing CPD books

– exploring short story writing at school!

– examples of student writing

– Activity 1 – nouns for writing action

– Activity 2 – creating a shot by shot scene

– Activity 3 – adding urgency and interruptions

– Mentor texts

– Recommendations for further reading